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The PERCUACTION Performance area coordinates both of the organization’s artistic and entertainment branches, allowing the global community to be aware and participate in the percussive activity within the network (concerts, shows, events, festivals, etc). It also acts as an agent of exclusive percussion groups and artists including well-known collectives such as Colombian percussion phenomenon TEKEYÉ ( and the recent percussive sensation ‘ONE’ by percussionist Túpac Mantilla ( 


'ONE' is percussionist Tupac Mantilla's latest creation: The first highly interactive percussion show from his SOLO PERCUSSION project. This one of a kind live performance, regarded by the international press as 'one of the hottest percussion shows today', combines both advanced technological resources with various music styles and percussion instruments, raising an exciting act for all audiences, in which the soloist unexpectedly invites the crowd to be part of exciting and unpredictable collective rhythmic experiences.

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