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PERCUACTION is regarded today as one of the world’s leading rhythm/percussion-oriented organizations, thanks to the valuable and constant positive impact made in our society, through a unique and innovative vision and concept that supports an artistic model which benefits both individuals and entities alike.


Founded in 2002 and launched globally in 2012, the Global Percussion Network PERCUACTION, was created and established by colombian percussionist Tupac Mantilla, with the goal to function as a platform that reaches out through social content programs, products and solutions in the fields of education, performance and entertainment, while supporting and fostering opportunities that develop various types of rhythmic/percussive activities or expressions from around the globe, for the good and well-being of humanity.


Our open invitation is for anybody that believes in the necessity of joining forces to work together for a better world and can identify with this mission and the transforming power of rhythm and percussion, to join us and become part of this global movement that will always keep the hands open to help and reach out to others by taking the right action.


Get to know our great global staff and the PERCUACTION teams around the world.

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