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PERCUACTION’s division in charge to create, coordinate and oversee all the education related activities within our global platform, through the exclusive and innovative rhythmic concepts and contents crafted and developed over the course of a decade by our global rhythm team of experts, thus allowing it to work for and in collaboration with major education institutions and universities, various organizations and governments worldwide.


Top quality education is at the core of PERCUACTION’s vision, for which we are committed to keep improving our efforts and results, which in 2015 benefited more than 50.000 people and underprivileged communities in five continents.

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Global Rhythm Institute

The ‘Componente Rítmico’, an exclusive project of PERCUACTION, reached out to more than 30.000 children in the Capital District of Colombia by the end of 2015, through our organization's exclusive rhythmic concepts and methods; fostering an extremely positive impact in the society and the communities of many public schools.  


This project has been developed in cooperation with the Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá under the leadership of the Orquesta Fliármonica de Bogotá (OFB).

District Project ‘Jornada Completa’  Bogotá, Colombia. 

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