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Through the PERCUACTION Awards our organization fosters the important component of acknowledging the life-time accomplishments   of percussion luminaries around the world, in the fields of performance, industry and education; thus honoring exceptional humans that using rhythm as a tool, have benefited millions of people and ultimately created out of our world a better place to exist. 

The presentation of the awards started in 2012 and so far have recognized the life-time misions and work made by the greats:

TRILOK GURTU - 2019 PERCUACTION Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient 

Trilok 2.jpg

Our organization is proud to officially announce that the 2019 PERCUACTION Lifetime Achievement Award, will be given to Indian Master Percussionist TRILOK GURTU, who will now join the group of percussion luminaries that have been awarded with our highest recognition.


The 8th version of the Life Time Achievement Award will be presented to Mr. GURTU by Tupac Mantilla in GERMANY, as part of Mr. Gurtu's ongoing tour with the Jan Garbarek Group. 


Mr. Gurtu's name will then be added to our prestigious list of award recipients that includes: Jose Luis Quintana 'Changuito'

Reinhard Flatischler, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Remo BelliZakir Hussain, Keiko Abe and Keith Terry.

Congratulations Mr. TRILOK GURTU!


Click HERE to access the official Press Release. 

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