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Hands On Table (H.O.T.) is without a doubt one of PERCUACTION's most innovative, fun and unique rhythmic educational concepts, which emerges from the simple percussive and primal action of playing a surface. This interactive and exciting approach to rhythm has been introduced in Latin America in 2016 to the family of published materials created by our organization, and already promises to be one of the most in-demand general music education methods around schools in the upcoming years and decades.

Hands On Table  -  H.O.T.

With a fun and easy-to-follow rhythmic system, Hands On Table becomes a 'HOT' activity to approach children, young people and adults alike, promoting music and rhythmic learning while playfully using the hands to interact with surfaces around (tables, drums, objects etc.), in order to acquire better rhythmic sense, collective awareness, independence and coordination. Moreover, the diverse activities and games promote ensemble playing within an extremely fun environment, taking rhythmic education to a whole new level.

All of the PERCUACTION published materials are based on the Percuaction Curricular Pensum, from which we develop every social and educational initiative or project, most of which run through or in cooperation with the Global Rhythm Institute (GRI) and the Percuaction Foundation. For more information about our contents, programs and published material, please reach to us through our contact section. We will be more than happy to expand information as well as to share material from our exclusive contents.

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