Rhythm for instrumentalists



Body Percussion Interactive Workshop

W O R K S H O P   1

W O R K S H O P   2

THURSDAY JULY 19th - 9am to 12 & 2 to 5pm

FRIDAY JULY 20th - 9am to 12 & 2 to 5pm



Immerse yourself into the exciting world of playing and learning Body Percussion with one of the most in demand methods nowadays. Find your own rhythmic body language!



A unique opportunity for anyone playing a musical instrument to dive into deeper aspects of rhythm to improve overall skills and acquire practical tools for further study. 

Recommended for:


- Musicians / Singers and people with experience singing in choirs

- Artists in general / Anyone interested in getting to know or practice

- Body percussionists / People interested in language development and training

All levels welcomed!

Recommended for:


- Classically trained musicians

- Musicians from popular music genres

- Music enthusiasts that play a musical instrument

* Bring your own instrument

All levels welcomed!

W O R K S H O P   3


Pedagogic strategies, tools and games 

W O R K S H O P   4


A rhythm day dedicated for children 

SATURDAY JULY 21st - 9am to 12 & 2 to 5pm


2 Separate Sessions: 9 to 11:30AM  and  2 to 5pm


A useful and mind-opening workshop for educators that would like to get new and further techniques and strategies to teach individuals and groups alike. 

Experience new class activities and professional advice to reach your pedagogic goals.


A fun and diverse workshop for kids which applies the Rhythmotions method by PERCUACTION, allowing children to develop their rhythmic and overall awareness, while playing rhythm oriented games and learning artistic tools for their own personal future benefit. 

Recommended for:


- Teachers

- Educators in the arts field

- Musicians

- People with interest in getting to work with groups and larger crews

Recommended for:


- Children between 7 and 12 years of age

* Each of the 2 workshops develops different contents




It is with great pleasure that our organization wants to officially announce the launching of the PERCUACTION RHYTHM FESTIVAL 2018 in Auckland New Zealand, a cultural, educational and artistic gathering open to the general public, which will develop multiple activities around one of life's most important engines and elements: RHYTHM!  

It is within PERCUACTION's mission statement, the necessity to promote artistic environments that foster human potential through creative practices as well as possibilities for people to interact in diverse rhythmic realms that allow evolution. Therefore, and based on the results obtained with our pedagogical vision and contents in recent years, our intention is to widen our reach by offering a cultural event that promotes diversity while adding value that benefits our society through education and art. 

Moreover, in addition to promote such spaces to deepen into the study and practice of rhythm, our goal is to incentivize human consciousness, that allows social transformation and collective evolution. 

Contact us for further and specific information about:

 Private events for organizations, coaching, talks Team Building for corporations

during the time of the Festival. 



To attend the festival workshops please deposit the amount of your desired course or courses, based on the previous price chart, in the Bank ANZ - Account Number 06-0596-0755227-00 under the name PERCUACTION NZ.


Keep a copy of your payment confirmation receipt and be so kind to email it to us at

with the following additional information:

Particulars: Session (ex: Workshop/s) 1 / 2 / 3 / Kids workshop )

Code: Applicant surname

For further and specific information about costs and packages please contact us 


PERCUACTION Rhythm Festival closing event

An open event for the general public 

SUNDAY JULY 22nd, 2018  /  2 - 4PM  /  Place to be confirmed 


Come and join us at the festival's wrap-up event to experience a great PERCUACTION rhythm gathering, where we would summarize the work and results by showcasing all the participants process, and definitely inviting the general public to be part of it as well.




We encourage you to check this page regularly as more updates and news will be posted as the festival approaches. We will be having many great and diverse activities for you to benefit from. Don't loose the opportunity to join us!

For further information please write to us at: 

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