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The Rhythm Leadership Alliance is one of today’s most groundbreaking and promising rhythm oriented collaborations in the world, intended to use rhythm and its infinite facets and layers, by giving unlimited leadership tools, to empower human potential and modern society.


This unique approach and concept is the result of the association between two strong and influential rhythmic forces of our time: The ones created and crafted over 4 decades by Austrian percussion master Reinhard Flatischler, founder and director of the well-known TaKeTiNa rhythm process and the ones developed and created under the PERCUACTION - Global Percussion Network platform by accomplished Colombian percussionist Tupac Mantilla.


Together, Mr. Flatischler and Mr. Mantilla, along with their respective well-known projects and several other partners, will lead the world and the generations to come, into a bright future of leaders that will undoubtedly create a positive impact in our society for the benefit of humanity and the world we live in. 

The well-known rhythmic process, which over the past 4 decades has reached all the corners of the world benefiting thousands of people through its workshops, trainings and research.

The most successful percussion performance master gathering or our era.

The latest journey concieved by the Austrian master which develops symphonic-oriented / composition projects at large scales.

And the global initiatives created and developed over a decade by percussion extraordinaire Tupac Mantilla, including:

The Global Percussion Network which every year reaches out directly and benefits more than 100.000 people worldwide, through its programs and global initiatives. 

The Educational platform that slowly revolutionizes the rhythm learning field in the world, through unique and innovative concepts that include contents such as Rhythmotions, Rhythmnastics, Hands on Table (H.O.T), PercBody among so many others.

Percuaction’s center for research and the development of new technologies for the benefit of education, health and the environment; successfully implementing nowadays Ritmo-Therapy a groundbreaking system of therapy through rhythm.

The variety and extensive line of products offered through this magnificent alliance, allows both individuals and organizations to have access to infinite resources that can enhance and unleashed the human and creative potential, through the use and understanding of rhythm.


Whether it is an interactive workshop or talk, a Mega-Drums or Waves live performance, the tools collected by attending the Global Rhythm Leadership Summit or the information compiled and shared in one of the selected Rhythm Leadership Alliance Books, know that you will be positively influenced to take charge and improve many aspects of your own life, which will catapult and boost your results at all levels, leading you into fulfillment and happiness.

The Rhythm Leadership Blog is our online community gathering-place, for members and anybody interested to participate, discuss and benefit directly, by acquiring constant knowledge and diverse rhythm-related tools. This blog updates links and information in a regular-basis for people to check and stay in the loop and frequency of a successful and proactive in-charge life-style.

As part of our advanced programs and contents, the Rhythm Leadership Alliance offers an in-depth custom experience for corporations and organizations willing to take performance, creativity and overall results to new levels of integration, allowing groups and individuals within the collective team, to increase their abilities by motivating and renewing their own talent and potential throw powerful rhythmic tools, exercises and concepts.

For further information about our trainings and coaching programs as well as any other related Rhythm Leadership Alliance products, please visit us at: or contact us via email at: or call us in the U.S. at: (+1) 617-850 2919 and in Germany at: (+49) 1575-779 7475.​

The Rhythm Leadership Alliance is powered by PERCUACTION - Global Percussion Network  © 2019


* Registered Trade-Mark Patent Pending.

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